Paul Segal

I am a Senior Lecturer in Economics at King's International Development Institute. I work on global inequality and poverty, the economics of natural resources and energy, and economic history and development. I teach macroeconomics and development economics and write occasional policy articles for and the Guardian.

I am also an author of the CORE Economics project, where I contributed on macroeconomics, inequality, and the economics of developing countries.

My current research is on new perspectives on inequality, including papers on the global rich (with Sudhir Anand), on inequality and living standards in the long run in Mexico (with Ingrid Bleynat and Amilcar Challu), and on the political economy of income distribution in Argentina (with Ingrid Bleynat). In January 2017 I will start a Leverhulme Research Fellowship on the research project "Inequality, Wages and the Real Incomes of the Rich".

New working paper

Who are the Global Top 1%? (with Sudhir Anand), International Development Institute Working Paper 2016-02

In the media

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